Operational areas for the OMS-Systems



Water monitoring

Employments on lake (offshore construction work, on ships), with accidents at sea, in seashores or in inland waters at endangered river intakes (industrial binding). Receiving streams, ditches as well as other lakes, in addition, for the monitoring in the harbor basin find the on-line one and laboratory instruments their application.

Monitoring in catchment basins of the service stations

Tank reservoir with catchment basins are measured often in a random sampling way after collection by rain water with laboratory measuring instruments, in addition, in the transient area to the river intake with on-line equipment. The measurements are accomplished also at other catchment basins for e.g. sickerwasser (dumps) or water catchment basin with large surfaces (airfields) or park plants and endangered industrial surface ranges.

Monitoring of expirations of sewage purification plant

Before the receiving stream the transition is measured to the river intake with on-line devices. The devices announce limit value excesses, it can be promptly reacted. Between the treatment stages of the purification plant and/or at the final clarification basin samples in the laboratory in-house with the laboratory measuring instruments are examined.

Monitoring of process waste water before and according to waste water treatment and wash situations

In the refineries predominantly on-line one is used and for intermediate steps in the process laboratory measuring instruments.
The on-line devices are in the control process with merged. In almost all waste water treatment plants, which contain an oiling running, the laboratory measuring instrument can contribute as a check.

Monitoring of cooling circuits

Depending upon plant size laboratory measuring instruments, in addition, on-line devices are used. The on-line devices are merged in the control process.