Measuring and function mode

After the rinsing procedure is terminated, the measurement takes place by means of an optical bank. This optical bank consists of a wide-band infrared emitter, a spacer, the absorption cell and a solvent State detector, which are laid out as pyroelectric sensor. To the Chopperung of the IR radiation an aluminum disk propelled by a synchronous motor is between absorption cell and detector, on which the optical filters for the measuring and reference signal are accommodated.


The IR radiation is bundled after flowing through the cuvette and by the Chopperwheel cyclically in measuring -, reference and trigger signal divide. The hydrocarbons appropriate absorption into a intensity-proportional tension one converts and over the microprocessor directly as measured value to the announcement one brings.


Regulation of oil in water and soil and air by solvent extraction with following lp IR spectroscopy

The OMS devices were developed for the regulation by hydrocarbons in water, soil and air and since 1985 world-wide in rough practice are already used. They are manufactured as laboratory instruments or as on-line monitors. The measurement principle is conformal with the German industrial standard DIN 38409, part of 18 as well as with the DEV regulations (solvent extraction with following infrared analysis).

The Dutch standard NEN 6675 as well as the other European standards permit the employment of the devices European and world-wide. The results of measurement are internationally comparable.

With the devices the measuring expiration takes place after filling a suitable solvent and the waste water sample up to the announcement into mg/l or ppm in the display fully automatic microprocessor-controlled. Characteristics are the short intake phase for reaching the operating temperature of the equipment, automatic level control, separate exits for water and oil-loaded solvent for the easement of a recycling. Threefold automatic rinsing of the system, before the actual measuring procedure begins, control device for the absorption cell on contamination due to foreign matter, e.g. water, therefore no measured value falsification, stability in the final value calibration (over several weeks).

Water and solvents are given in an appropriate mixing ratio to the equipment (extractor glass). After manipulation of the start button an agitator mixes solvents with water, the extraction process begins with it.

After appropriate duration of the deposit the single solenoid valve opens SV 2. The entire system is rinsed, after threefold rinsing begins the measuring procedure.